Sunday, May 11, 2008

BioEntrepreneurial Idea: Rent-a-Pet Service

OK, my biological business idea is RENT-A-PET service. Everyone would like to have a pet; some have it own,but some cannot have it because many issues:live in a apartment, no time to take care of, or they are not sure what pet they want to buy one. In this service, the customers can experience different type of pets: dogs, cats, sneaks, bugs, mouse, chicks, mini ponies, mini pigs. birds...and many! RENT-A-PET service provides the info about each kind of pets and helps the customers to find their ideal pet pal. The service doesn't own all the animals but having contracts and business relationships with the owners of the animals. We bring the customers and the owner together and the owner will tell the customer about the pet's any info. Once the customer has a certain level of understood of the pet and agrees to take care of it for hours, the deal is done.

I think it is a good idea, but it seems a little impossible...It takes time to find the owners who agree to do this business with the company, and the safety of the service need to evaluate.
OHHH, I just did some research about my idea, and I found a similar service:

Stray Rescue's Rent-a-Pet Program

I believe that one day this service will be true, but not now. Until the society gets to another higher level, this service might works.


Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A New & Fast Way to Produce Antibodies

— A new process to extract and copy the essential elements of cells that make human antibodies has provided a shortcut to making targeted, infection-fighting proteins known as monoclonal antibodies, U.S. researchers said on Wednesday.---Scientists find a quicker way to make antibodies

The scientists find a new and quick way to make the antibodies, which are season flu, bird flu, even HIV virus. This new technique would be a new solution to most epidemics around the world. People have the hope to prevent diseases such as AIDS, bird flu, or the others. From years to one month, the scientists can make the vaccine in the shorter period.

This article brings us hope and happiness, because that means we people has a big breakthrough on the Medicare, which means lesser deaths. Although I don't want human can be alive forever (like elves), but save the lives for their goodness. If we can make efficient vaccine for HIV/AIDS and the other epidemics, out world must be wonderful. But this news doesn't mean the discover is done, the scientists and doctors must work harder. Before the full result is done, they must be patient and
careful to it.

Good to hear this!!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Bio Entrepreneur: Edward Plunket Taylor

Edward Plunket Taylor

Born Jan. 29,1901. Die May 14, 1989.
A Canadian, who was born into a wealthy family, Taylor graduated from Montreal's MxGill University in 1922 with a Bachelor of Science degree. First,he used a brewery business inherited from his grandfather which merged more than 20 other brewies into his corporation. This made Taylor's corporation became the biggest and the most successful industrial empire in the Canada.

He had been participated in WWII's effort: he was a volunteer executive in the government. Over the years, he had gained the nation's greatest controlling. Such as Canadian Food Products, Orange Crush, Standard Chemical...and many!

He also is the most remembered owner of Windfield farm, which is the biggest horse breeding site in the 20th century, produced Northern Dancer.e 20th century. By 1970, Taylor was the world’s leading horse breeder in terms of money won.e 20th century. In 1977 and 1983 he was named the winner of the National Thoroughbred Racing Association’s Eclipse Award as the leading thoroughbred breeder in North America.

Taylor had his passion on horse racing and breeding;He was not only working- hard on his family business, but also on the farm.

According to the most articles, his farm, the windfiled is still providing the highest quality sires to the Europe market.

Ummm...., breeding racing horse...COOL!! But the demand of racing horse may decrease year after year....

After reading this article, I realized that you don't have to have your first job on the things you love---like Taylor; He got his family business to take care, but he found his way to do despite his love of horse racing. Everybody must have the different way to embody their love of the thing they cherish of.

Info citing :
E.P. Taylor. Biology Daily.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Guest Speech: All About Eyes

Last Thursday, we had a pleasure that Alex's mom gave one day to Mills for lecturing in Mr. Olson's Biology class

Dr. Pamela Fong on eye anatomy and pathology. She is a ophthalmologist, who is an expert on eyes(Of course!)

In the Class, we went through several pictures on the back of the eyes:

1. Old eyes, grayer and faint.
2. young eyes, clearer than the old one.
3. how to identify left or right eye, by the
4. diabetes's eye, which is yellow and faint.
5.blindness (dark)

I was impressed that we can see a gray ring around the iris if the people has high cholesterol. WOW!

Dr. Fong told us that we can determind a person's health, age,or even gender from the eyes, which means everyone has different eyes. And people has different line pattern on the iris.

Eye is such a complex structure of human body!

We see light and color. And we can zoom in and out. By the mother nature, we human get this gift science we were born.

Then we dissected a sheep eye. (it smells good with the preservative)
First we look at the outer surface: muscle is around it.
Then I cut it with the knife...Guess what! The jello like thing went out.
Then---I went to my track meet...sorry....

If I can dissect it again, I would love to...XDD

It's a good experience to observe our body (but not on acutal human...sheep has some-how same eyes as we have )

Thursday, February 14, 2008

No Eyed-Big Eyed Spider: Adelocosa anops

I know it's COOL to learn about SPIDER!!!
Let's do it---
Kaua’i Cave Wolf Spider
Adelocosa anops
Kingdom: Anamalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Arachnid
Order: Araneae
Suborder: --
Family: Lycosidae
Genus: Adelocosa
Species: Anops

This spider is the rarest species of the wolf spider family, Lycosidae. 1917, the scientist found it in the caves of the island Kauai of Hawaii. The five caves that they found it are damp, dark, and they were in the roc
ks of the volcano. The age of the caves that Adelocosa anops lives in are around 5 millions years old. The scientists barley find this special species: in 2004, they didn't find it in the caves not even once. It is likely the lack of spider sightings in the caves is due to many factors contributing to a sub-optimal environment.

Adults are about 12.7-19.0mm (0.5-0.75in) in total body length. The most remarkable feature of A. anops is its eyes, as seen in its curious name of the No Eyed-Big Eyed Spider. Why? because A. anops is lack of the most wolf wpider's common characteristic---a distinctive eye pattern of two large eyes located within the middle row of eight eyes. That's why : ).

As a predator, A. anops actively stalks its prey through chemo-tacticle sensory organs. Its likely food source is the Kaua’i Cave Amphipod (Spelaeorchestia koloana) and other arthropods.

A. anops is adapted to deal with the low oxygen levels and high carbon dioxide levels of the dark and stagnant zones, based upon laboratory experiments and observations in known stagnant zones by the experts.

Different to the other spiders,
A. anops only has 15-30 eggs are reproduce in each egg sac. (maybe that's why it barley be found!!) Female spiders carry their egg sac in their mouth until the fully developed offspring hatch. A. anops hatchlings are generally larger than in other species, and like other species the spiderlings hang onto their mother with the specialized comb-like teeth on their claws.
**A. anops has been listed as Endangered by the US Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) since January 14, 2000, as has S. koloana, the Kaua'i Cave Amphipod.**

Many conservation issues are tied to A. anops. There is a general lack of taxonomic knowledge about Hawaiian spiders, which are incredibly diverse due to the island geography fostering small populations in highly localized habitats. The presence of non-native competitors and predators decrease the survival rate of A. anops by decreasing the food supply available to the wolf spider and by decreasing the numbers of reproductive wolf spiders.

source :

2001 Earlham College- biological Diversity 2006: Adelocosa anops -Kaua'i Cave Wolf Spider

"Kauai cave wolf spider." Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. 6 Feb 2008, 18:16 UTC. Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. 15 Feb 2008 <>.

It's a amazing species- cave spider of the Kauai island~

When I saw wolf spiders in the first time, I was threaten by their scaring looking... They are fluffy and bigger than the others.
After did some research, my brother wants to buy one wolf spider for being a pet... then I said no because I don't want to catch food for it!!!!

And the silliest thing during blogging was, I deleted all the content that I almost finished it by adding two more words... then I stopped and wait till next next day and type it up again! (I don't like computer thing too much any way...)

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Darwin's amazing theory:Evolution; lecture note at Mills, Thursday

Last Thursday, we had a special guest in the guess; the guess, Louise Mead gave us a speech about the evidence of the Evolution.

I took some notes during Mrs. Mead's speech:
  • Evolution is organisms change over time: population, generations...
  • "I agree with Charles Darwin!"
  • The evidence of Evolution is overwhelming!!
  • Biogeography:the distribution of plants&animals around the globe.Hellbender; different places but have same creatures. ) continent sections ; Early Jurassic,195Ma
  • Comparative Anatomy:comparing creatures' bone's patten, structures... (5 digits) not identical!!!
  • Molecular Biology: Determining by Chromosomes numbers(The Origin of tetra pods) Best example : Whale Evolution.
  • Fossil Record: you know...the remains of the accent creatures...If people still don't believe it when they see the fossil..., they're crazy!!
  • Developmental Biology: same gene in the different creatures.(gene tool kit)>duplication.
  • Also, she gave us the useful info websites:Discovery Institute
  • news
  • Conflicts of teaching Evolution on USA; The publishing Of Pandas&people: origin of species.
  • God vs. The Evolution
It's curious why some people cannot accept this theory. I mean, why they can believe something that they never seen but they don't believe the real evidence that the scientists already found? Religious and scientific issues always clash with each others...However, there should be one side right...!!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Female Fly Changes after Mating

For The Fruit Fly, Everything Changes After Sex

ScienceDaily (Dec. 11, 2007) — Barry Dickson, director of the Research Institute of Molecular Pathology (IMP) in Austria, and his group are interested in the genetic basis of innate behavior. They focus on the reproductive behaviour of the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster. Two years ago, the team was able to identify the fruitless gene as a key regulator of mating behavior.

In the experiment, the scientists found out that female flies lose its interests in contact with male after it mated ,and the female begin to lay down eggs. SPR, the Sexual Petitide Receptor,which is found in insect,is active in the reproductive organs as well as the brain of the flies. Because the SPR-like resceptor blocks the SPR as the Birth control pills, changes the female's sexual contacts.

This news opens my interest on the SPR. Do we have it? influence our act?????

Source: Research Institute of Molecular Pathology. "For The Fruit Fly, Everything Changes After Sex." ScienceDaily 11 December 2007. 11 December 2007 /releases/2007/12/071210163142.htm>.