Sunday, January 27, 2008

Darwin's amazing theory:Evolution; lecture note at Mills, Thursday

Last Thursday, we had a special guest in the guess; the guess, Louise Mead gave us a speech about the evidence of the Evolution.

I took some notes during Mrs. Mead's speech:
  • Evolution is organisms change over time: population, generations...
  • "I agree with Charles Darwin!"
  • The evidence of Evolution is overwhelming!!
  • Biogeography:the distribution of plants&animals around the globe.Hellbender; different places but have same creatures. ) continent sections ; Early Jurassic,195Ma
  • Comparative Anatomy:comparing creatures' bone's patten, structures... (5 digits) not identical!!!
  • Molecular Biology: Determining by Chromosomes numbers(The Origin of tetra pods) Best example : Whale Evolution.
  • Fossil Record: you know...the remains of the accent creatures...If people still don't believe it when they see the fossil..., they're crazy!!
  • Developmental Biology: same gene in the different creatures.(gene tool kit)>duplication.
  • Also, she gave us the useful info websites:Discovery Institute
  • news
  • Conflicts of teaching Evolution on USA; The publishing Of Pandas&people: origin of species.
  • God vs. The Evolution
It's curious why some people cannot accept this theory. I mean, why they can believe something that they never seen but they don't believe the real evidence that the scientists already found? Religious and scientific issues always clash with each others...However, there should be one side right...!!!