Monday, April 21, 2008

Guest Speech: All About Eyes

Last Thursday, we had a pleasure that Alex's mom gave one day to Mills for lecturing in Mr. Olson's Biology class

Dr. Pamela Fong on eye anatomy and pathology. She is a ophthalmologist, who is an expert on eyes(Of course!)

In the Class, we went through several pictures on the back of the eyes:

1. Old eyes, grayer and faint.
2. young eyes, clearer than the old one.
3. how to identify left or right eye, by the
4. diabetes's eye, which is yellow and faint.
5.blindness (dark)

I was impressed that we can see a gray ring around the iris if the people has high cholesterol. WOW!

Dr. Fong told us that we can determind a person's health, age,or even gender from the eyes, which means everyone has different eyes. And people has different line pattern on the iris.

Eye is such a complex structure of human body!

We see light and color. And we can zoom in and out. By the mother nature, we human get this gift science we were born.

Then we dissected a sheep eye. (it smells good with the preservative)
First we look at the outer surface: muscle is around it.
Then I cut it with the knife...Guess what! The jello like thing went out.
Then---I went to my track meet...sorry....

If I can dissect it again, I would love to...XDD

It's a good experience to observe our body (but not on acutal human...sheep has some-how same eyes as we have )

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