Sunday, May 11, 2008

BioEntrepreneurial Idea: Rent-a-Pet Service

OK, my biological business idea is RENT-A-PET service. Everyone would like to have a pet; some have it own,but some cannot have it because many issues:live in a apartment, no time to take care of, or they are not sure what pet they want to buy one. In this service, the customers can experience different type of pets: dogs, cats, sneaks, bugs, mouse, chicks, mini ponies, mini pigs. birds...and many! RENT-A-PET service provides the info about each kind of pets and helps the customers to find their ideal pet pal. The service doesn't own all the animals but having contracts and business relationships with the owners of the animals. We bring the customers and the owner together and the owner will tell the customer about the pet's any info. Once the customer has a certain level of understood of the pet and agrees to take care of it for hours, the deal is done.

I think it is a good idea, but it seems a little impossible...It takes time to find the owners who agree to do this business with the company, and the safety of the service need to evaluate.
OHHH, I just did some research about my idea, and I found a similar service:

Stray Rescue's Rent-a-Pet Program

I believe that one day this service will be true, but not now. Until the society gets to another higher level, this service might works.


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