Friday, November 2, 2007

Broccoli is going to be tough!

This news brings us a good news-the scientists have reasearched a way to breed the crops: broccoli, cabbage, and other brassicas in the way which they can resist the virus--Turnip mosaic virus, TuMV(damages the crops).

The Scientists grow the gene in the plants that they have the traits to against the TuMV virus. That's what just learn in the class-Gene Engeneering.

People really use this technology in many aspect in lives. Making lives easier and convient.


Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council. "Genes Identified To Protect Broccoli, Cabbage, Other Brassicas, From Damaging Virus." ScienceDaily 2 November 2007. 2 November 2007 .

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